Impairment Report

To report your impairment online, please complete the form below in its entirety.

When you have finished entering your data, please be sure to press the 'Submit' button to send your information.

After pressing the 'Submit' button, wait for your confirmation message and make sure you download an impairment checklist. This list will help ensure that all the proper precautions have been taken to protect your facilities while the protection is out of service.

To download the Jewelers alarm system impairment checklist please click here.

Impairment Program

- Format: XXX-XXXXXXX (use only seven characters in second box)

Hanover Specialty customers must add XX before the policy letter in the first box and eliminate the hyphen in their policy number when they enter it in the second box.
(where impairment is located)

(EX: underground main break impaired 100% of sprinkler systems)